In 2020, because of Covid-19 commercial technology becomes even more ubiquitous for a generation that grew up with it. The digital divide is even more apparent now. My current body of work is a collection of simulations of semi-realistic human figures performing behaviors which are unlikely IRL and/or referential to contemporary digital cultures perpetuated by young-millennials/gen-z. 

Ezy 3reezy 3eautifu1 coversquirre1 🥺#crazyhair #hairtransformation #silkhair. February 12, 2020.
In order to rise from its own ashes a phoenix first must burn 😞🙏 #hatersbackoff💋 #hatersmakemefamous #hihaters. February 17, 2020.
Onlyfanz™️🤑 #autonomy #surveillance #saturday. May 2, 2020.
This is why I never made a TikTok 🤪. August 12, 2020.
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